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Let your AI finance colleague take the time and complexity out of managing your company's finances. Perform detailed analysis on your finances, just by asking!

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Detailed analysis without the effort
Bring the power of Generative AI to your company's finances with CloudFO. Perform complex analysis or forecast your key business metrics in seconds... just by asking. Welcome your new finance partner to your team and spend less time on finances and more time growing your business.
Stay in control of your spending!
Simplify and destress, seamlessly connect your bank account, merchant providers, and other business signals. Your CFO in the cloud will automatically visualise and interpret your income, expenses and business performance. Anything you don’t monitor you can’t manage. Your CFO will notify you, so you can take action before you run out of money.
Identify growth opportunities
CloudFO constantly scans your business for insights and growth opportunities into what makes your business tick. Set goals and track your progress against them. Use the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and target setting tools on the dashboard to monitor and track your business performance as you grow. Share your KPIs with other members of your team, clients and investors.
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What about my data?

FCA Approved Open Banking

Rest easy knowing that our open banking connection is fully approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that your financial data is accessed through a regulated and secure pathway, offering you peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of your information. Our partnership with Truelayer provides this. For additional insights into Truelayer’s security and privacy practices, please visit

Our bank connection is strictly read-only. We do not initiate any transactions or payments on your behalf. This read-only access ensures that your financial data is viewed solely for analysis purposes, keeping your accounts secure

Your data, your rules

You’re in complete control. You can delete your account and associated data whenever you choose. Whether it’s disconnecting a bank account, removing a data file, or severing an app connection, you hold the reins. We respect your right to manage your data as you see fit and offer a hassle-free way.


Data Encryption and Protection

Your data is always encrypted both during transit and when at rest, and is protected with Identity and Access Management (IAM) and user-managed controls. This multi-layered approach ensures that your information remains shielded from any unauthorised access and malicious attacks.


Secure and Responsible AI use

We utilise a range cutting-edge machine learning techniques, integrating a range of both proprietary and commercial models. Our proprietary fortified machine learning security infrastructure allows us to keep your bank transactions on our servers in a secure sandbox and minimise the data shared with our commercial partners.

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